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Botanicals Gin


Botanicals Gin

Botanicals Gin

Botanicals Gin can be enjoyed alone thanks to its softness, or  can be mixed with other ingredients (Tonic and Ice) for your cocktails and aperitifs.

Product: Gin obtained from a base of cereals alcohol, in which rosemary, thyme, chamomile flowers, grown and cultivated directly  in the estate, are infused.
Chromatic rangeClear, with a pale green color tending to yellow, thanks to the infusion of chamomile and rosemary
TastePowerful, intense and resinous character of rosemary and thyme, in the mouth at the first impact it is sharp and decisive, but then opens with soft and balsamic notes of chamomile, giving it a delicate and pleasant finish.
Alcohol Content: 45%
Bottle: 700ml

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It all began in the ancient abbeys, thanks to the spice monks and distillers, who made the first experiments with the aim of finding a therapeutic “elixir”, they distilled wheat and juniper essential oil,  that it was consider a great anti-inflammatory and tonic substances.
It became a miraculous remedy and its fame spread everywhere.



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