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6 e 40 pm



Product: Base obtained by mixing orange infusion, alcohol, water, sugar, bitter and cinchona infusion.
Chromatic range: Dark orange with bright reflections
Taste: The perception of the orange flavor is very intense, sweet but not too much, pleasantly bitter. The fragrance of bitter and cinchona is of great importance.
Alcohol Content: 30%
Bottle: 700ml

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Base for Spritz, “6 and 40 pm” is the perfect time for an aperitif, a ritual at the end of the day, before dinner, alone or with friends, which needs its time and way to enjoy it. Let’s enjoy, with a glass that contains the warm and sparkling colors of a summer sunset , and prepare it with care: A large glass with enough ice cubes, add the quantity of Lauchum Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Brut that you like, than our 6 and 40 pm and complete with setlz and orange slice.



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