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Sogno dell’uva


Toscana I.G.T.
50% Merlot 50% Cabernet Sauvignon
organic, aged in new barriques for at least 18 months

Chromatic range: Deep ruby red with purple hints, almost impenetrable.

Bouquet: Intese,pervasive with woody, spicy, balsamic notes together with tones of blueberry jam and hints of black berry, sour black cherry and plum. Rich scents of spices, vanilla and cocoa.

Taste: To the palate it gives the same olfactory sensations.Since the beginning, it is characterized by a big structure.It’s a full bodied wine, with a deep and pervasive tannic consistency.It has a large and complex aromatic range with a balance between strength and softens, tobacco notes, persistent at the end.


Pairing: Meat sauce, game sauce, roasts, stewed meats, Florentine T-Bone steak


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