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Occhio di Pernice


Vinsanto rosso di Chianti Classico Doc

Chromatic range: Deep rose colour characterize by dark orange tones.

Bouquet: Full bodied, thick, alcoholic at first olfactory impact, right afterwards with notes of dried fruit, peach and apricot.

Taste: To the palate it gives the same olfactory sensations.It is a “clean” taste, characterized by the right balance between sweet and dry.

“Quest’è l’Occhio di Pernice 
Che fa l’uom sano, e felice;
Se tutto lo berete o Filicaja
Conterete i vostr’anni a centinaja.”

Francesco Redi 1626-1697

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Pairing: Excellent on its own but perfect with our Mandorlini, Cantuccini di Prato (typical Florentine biscuit with almonds), served slightly cool with “ Crostini alla Fiorentina (Florentine-style croutons), it goes very well with fresh and creamy moldy cheeses.


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