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Grappa Invecchiata


Grappa Invecchiata

Tipology: Grappa Riserva

Grapes: Grapes with 80% minimum Sangiovese grapes 20% complementary red grapes

General description and distillation: The Marcs, still fresh and dripping are brought to the distillery. Here they are distilled at direct steam.The procedure is called ” vacuum-sealed distillation column”. The Obtanied grappa is placed in small barrels to age for 12 months.

Chromatic range: Amber coloured

Bouquet: Intense and aromatic, complex,pervasive and delicate, with great character.

Taste: Soft,warm and balanced sweet taste.Rich and pervasive,with “silky” consistency which remains in the mouth also after tasting.

Alchool Content: 40%

Bottle: 500ml

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