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Wine & Food Club

Why to join my Wine & Food Club?

To be part of a “circle” where you can access my world – the world of wine – and have the opportunity to discover (or re-live) the richness of Italian products reflecting the passion of each craftsman involved. One passion, one goal: to pass on the. “memory of tradition”.
You will have the opportunity to benefit from special conditions, and to take part in exclusive events focused on people and their passion.

1. You can either register online or at our wine shop. Registration is free-of-charge and does not involve any purchase obligation.
2. Once you have filled the form you will receive your card in a digital format. With your first purchase you will receive your physical card. From that moment onwards, your card will be active and will allow you to benefit from special prizes and experiences.
3. Your loyalty rewards you day by day! Every purchase will allow you to cumulate special points, defined in florinsthus reaching – level after level – our exclusive prizes.

Every two euros spent you will get one virtual florin. Florins cumulated will allow you to access a higher level or to keep the current one, and are valid for one year.

But that’s not all! Other advantages:

  • Monthly newsletters on activities, promotions and dedicated events 
  • Personalized discounts for each level
  • Possibility to organize private dinners at Azienda Agricola Cennatoio
  • Guided tours including free product tasting for you and another guest at Azienda Agricola Cennatoio
  • Special promotions on the month of your birthday
  • Possibility to preview and buy the new vintages
  • Access to an exclusive selection of Gourmet products


Not registered? Join the club now!

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