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Alessi Firenze

A well-established tradition

Alessi Firenze continues the tradition of our family, a tradition consolidated over the years. A forge of ideas in search of excellence with a “refreshed” energy, commitment and innovation as a result of over 50 years of experience.
Our story began with a first simple selection composed of a flask of Chianti Classico, a jar of honey and a Pecorino cheese – packaged in a hand-woven chestnut basket. Today we propose refined (customizable) cardboard hat boxes hand-wrapped with fine paper (Florentine paper), and double satin bows with matching colours or twisted cords in various colours.
Inside the hat boxes: a selection of “uncommon” products, each one packaged and wrapped in matching colour tissue paper.
Regional and national high-quality wine and food branded Alessi Firenze / Emilianoalessi.it as a guarantee of excellence.



Who is Emiliano?

Milk and Wine
My story began (and continues) in the coloured nature of Chianti: dark green cypresses, verdant vineyards and red sunsets which Homer would have defined as “the colour of wine”.
I made my first harvest in my mother’s womb in the autumn of 1971.
Bread, wine and sugar
I made my first steps in the marly sandstone of the rows, and spent the following years enjoying every moment in this generous land: the song of crickets during summer, the harvests, the consequent delay in beginning school lessons, and the kindness of Barnabite fathers in change of Vinsanto for Holy Mass.
Good wine and good food
Trips undertaken over the years for wine have enriched my cultural and human background – already well-established thanks to my parents’ passion.
I met people who have become unique and indispensable mentors. Thanks to Franco, Sandra, Gianfranco and Alessandro I have become a “Selector of Excellence”. With the aim of “providing happiness” to those who enjoy every little thing. And, why not, even with the ambition to bring our “Memory of Tradition” to those who have not had the fortune to know it yet.

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